Dental Implants

Are you contemplating dental implants?
Are you wondering how to go about it?
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Why dental implants?
At a time when in most of the world it is acceptable to "cut and stitch" after a few surgeries before receiving teeth on implants, we do implants using transitional, non-removable "teeth", in an hour usually with no surgery or stitching, thanks to laser technology.
There are usually no limitations in eating immediately after treatment, and teeth may and should be brushed right away.
Although generally not done on the day of a wedding, people can usually keep their regular schedule same/next day.
Finance is of course important, as a considerable investment is involved. But, it is important to first find out what can/cannot be done, and what we'd recommend for ourselves, or our own family members. 
Afterwards, we surely need to work out a plan as how to make possible the treatment you need and want.
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What is implanted? What does it do ?

As things turn out, while we perform the technicalities of placing the implants, G-D miraculously handles the rest. When titanium, an element found in abundance in nature, is exposed to air (oxygen) it forms an "oxide" layer. This oxide layer is microscopically identical to bone. The bone is so comfortable with titanium that the bone fuses to this titanium oxide. Once this fusion takes place the titanium implant is more difficult to remove than a tooth. As titanium doesn't decay, it is usually more durable than even a natural tooth
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Important Information Regarding your Dental Implants and/or Rehabiltation

An implant is not a tooth. It is the foundation on which to build a tooth. Sometimes there are more implants than teeth and sometimes more teeth than implants.
Implant Restoration typically involves three steps:
1. Insertion of implant
2. Insertion of post to implant
3. Restoration of the teeth
With Dr. Stern, the implant, post, and transitional "teeth" are usually done within an hour,
the same day.
Permanent "teeth" are done 3 - 4 months later, usually in two to three visits. Some situations may take longer depending on ones "needs".

Implants and Teeth

It is recommended to try to save your teeth.
Our goal is to build a healthy, stable foundation and minimize the need for future care.
If teeth need to be restored in an area that also needs dental implants, we sometimes recommend implants in that area, too.
In many treatment plans, the number of implants does not change the fee;
it is often recommended to implant the area that needs treatment, at the same price, 
so that the result will be stronger and better for many years to come.
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