Dr. Chanania Stern was born in Jerusalem in 1985. His family came on Aliya from the United States.He graduated with honors receiving his degree in Dentistry, DMD, from the Semelweiss University.

While completing his studies, Dr. Chanania Stern participated in a research project in the Oral and Maxillofacial Department aimed at extending the lifespan of dental implants and the prevention of infection. He received an award of excellence for his findings in the study.

Throughout his studies, he volunteered many hours administrating first aid dental relief to needy patients from low-income backgrounds.

Prior to learning dentistry, Dr. Chanania Stern had graduated from the Nehorah Yeshiva High School and continued Talmudic studies in Yeshiva Gedolah.

Even as a young boy, he aspired to be part of his father's, Dr. Gedaliah Stern’s, clinic. Dr. Chanania Stern has turned his dream into reality, and is, proud to be his father’s disciple in both Torah and Avodah.

Dr. Chanania Stern participates in courses to further his expertise. He continues to expand his skills and proficiency by keeping abreast of recent developments in his field as presented in the latest medical journals and in the dental conferences he attends both in Israel and abroad.

Dr. Chanania Stern performs general dentistry alongside restorative and aesthetic dentistry and orthodontics with and without braces. His goal is help his patients attain healthy teeth and a bright smile with the least possible discomfort.

He believes in “dentistry with a smile”, confident that acquiring good dental hygiene and a healthy smile can be a pleasant experience. Dr. Chanania Stern is totally committed to his patients by being truly attentive to their specific needs and by employing the most advanced procedures and techniques.

Dr. Chanania Stern is delighted to have joined the medical staff in Rechavia, Jerusalem, one of the leading clinics in the field, well-known for providing their patients with expert care in a warm supportive environment.

He lives in Jerusalem with his wife Shani , his loyal partner in his dreams and their fulfillment along with their  three children.

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