Dr. Esti Liberman was born in Israel. She is married with four children, and lives in Jerusalem. Dr Liberman was raised in a very medically orientated family. Her father was a legendary dedicated doctor and many other family members continue the medical tradition.  As a child she was inspired by her grandfather, Dr Chaim Kleinman of blessed memory, and spent many hours in his dental clinic.

Dr Liberman studied Dentistry at Hadassah, Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and qualified as a Doctor of Dentisty in 1999. In 2010, she completed a 2 year program in Dental Rehabilitation on Implants in Hadassah medical center and has been working there since then; she has been continuously updating her knowledge and experience.  She has also completed extensive courses in Endodontics, and Esthetic Dentistry at the Centre for International Dental Studies, in Tel Aviv.

 In 2007, Dr Liberman joined Dr Stern's practice, where she is a valued member of his team.

Dr Liberman has worked in a number of clinics, where she gained experience in General and Pediatric Dentistry. She has extensive experience in treating children, including those who had previously developed a fear of dentists. This enables her to provide treatment for both children, and adults, who suffer from this fear, in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, without compromising on professionalism or quality of care.

Due to her extensive experience in esthetic Dentistry, Dr Liberman also focuses on Dental Rehabilitation on teeth and implants, in order to give every patient their perfect smile.

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