Dr. Gedaliah Mordechai Stern, is the son of Holocaust survivors, a father and grandfather, who all live in Israel, including one son, a dentist, who joined the clinic. Since he was born, Dr. Stern two dreams, one-be "magician" and the second to move to Israel from the United States "in place of his birth.

Dr. Stern studied at and universities, ranging from "Chemnitz" to academic studies at universities Brooklyn (Psychology), New York (dentistry), Fittzborg and Boston (dental implants and oral rehabilitation). After completing his studies at the Rambam Medical Center (Mimonidiz) Surgery department in Brooklyn, where he was also head of continuing education of interns, with immigrating to Israel in 1982 he fulfilled his dreams, to integrate "magic" with the Torah and professional achievements. In addition, Dr. Stern has highest honors and tributes academic associations, societies and organizations implants, dental reconstruction, periodontal and aesthetic lasers,
At the same time it is close to the great Torah sages and professionals worldwide. In 2007 was selected as one of "the greatest dentists in the United States" because of the achievements, innovations and skill, Implantology and lasers.

During more than 35 years, Dr. Stern agar global knowledge and experience, we can say "unique" name it "another league" .d"r Stern made tens of thousands of dental implants, and that brought comfort, function, health, aesthetics and quality of life thousands of people in Israel, the US, and the whole world. it continues to invest in knowledge, academic and professional experience, to allow a greater number of dental implants in a fast, easy, good and responsible.

Dr. Stern is the "old doctor" transplant center and prosthodontics Ussishkin Rehavia, part of a group of 10 doctors and dentists and several hygienists, technicians and their staff provide a variety of dental needs, at the highest level in the world.
Dr. Stern himself many years dealing with specific implants and oral rehabilitation on implants. Dr. Stern come from all over the world because of the unique method and vast experience, combined with implants and laser.

Dr. Stern grateful to Hashem, for with God's help petition, and Patients from all the world, for the confidence and support of the marvelous along the way, enabled and allows him to "wizardry" of his, and help people feel good, look good and to finish with the need for dental care.

Dr. Stern and a group of doctors at Ussishkin, devoted to dream, to continue to allow this special level of treatment and service for years to come Gd's help

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