Dr. Micheal Levit is a dentist in Jerualem. He practiced Dentistry at Hadasah Ein Karem.  Dr. Levit has a degree in Medical Sciences, and Doctor of dentistry (DMD) since 2011. While still studying, it was very important for Dr. Levit to keep in touch with the academy. After finishing his study Dr. Levit did a year study in advanced Dentistry in the department of Prosthodontics at Hadasah Ein Karem. The study is also known in as: AGPP, which provides an expanded and featured theoretical knowledge to this occupation along with great clinical skills. The program included theoretical and practical study in dental aesthetics (Advanced aesthetics training) at the Alpha Omega Dental fraternity in London.

Dr. Levit deals with family dentistry from young to old. Specializes in all treatments that are needed for dental restoration and preservation with reference to aesthetic aspects, for example: Teeth whitening, implants restoration, Zirconia restoration, gum treatment, dental injuries treatment and recoveries of varied materials. During the treatment he emphasizes on reducing the discomfort by using pain free treatment techniques (painless) and removing fear.

Dr. Levit believes that the best medicine in Prevention.  The patient is given a full Oral tissues diagnosis, while identifying factors that cause oral diseases, and given full advice for future prevention. When there is no prevention and the only way is to restore the damage that has already been caused, Dr. Levit finds the conservative treatment Depending on minimally invasive modern approach (Minimally invasive dentistry). The purpose is to optimize, and reduce the natural tooth material removal, and that way keep a natural denture in the mouth for many years to come.

The introduction between Dr. Levit and DR. Stern and the whole dentil clinic staff, Happened thanks to a student of dentistry that gave Guidance at the Academy. At one of the evenings the student recommended he meet Dr. Stern.  Dr. Levit was looking to expand his knowledge, clinical excellence, technological and scientific progress in particularly dentil implants. When he met with Dr. Stern, he understood that this is the place for him, so he joined the team of the clinic. Dr. Levit lives with his wife in Kiryat Yovel in Jerusalem. 

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