Dr. Yehuda Rubin was born in France in 1969, and studied Dentistry at the University of Paris VII / Faculte La Granciere. He graduated in 1996.

In 1998 he received his diploma as a  "Doctor of Dental Surgery". Between 1998- 2000 - Dr. Rubin further gained experience in Implant surgery and bone grafting in the surgical ward of the Lille France University.

In the year 2000 Dr. Rubin made Aliya to Israel and was awarded his License by the Ministry of Health of Israel. After getting his license he began working in private dental clinics and gained extensive experience.

Dr. Rubin met Dr. Stern in 2002 and joined his clinic. Under Dr. Stern's tutelage he learned a new method of "laser Implants". A unique many faceted approach which defines techniques such as:
-Open Sinus
-Computer Transplant
-Disk Implant

Dr. Rubin uses as well the "PRF- A" technique which he learned from its founder Dr. Shukrun. In the year 2010 Dr. Rubin proudly received the title "Fellow of the International congress of Oral Implantologists" 

His expertise spans a wide range in all areas of dentistry, with special emphasis on the aesthetic appearance using the LUMINEERS method. He is also versatile and has expertise in surgery including bone graft, sinus lift, dental Implants and rehabilitation. As a result of his extensive experience in rehabilitation and implantology - since the year 1998 Dr. Rubin has gained experience from thousands of Implants!, Dr. Rubin has been accepted into The Israeli Society of Dental Implants.

Proud to be on the cutting edge of dentistry, Dr. Rubin is constantly honing his skills through continuous studying of the vast literature and attending hands-on dental courses. He thereby is made familiar with the new technologies and techniques that are advanced in dentistry. He participates in many conferences and courses with worldwide experts from France, United States and Israel.

Due to his professionalism and experience, every day many patients come to Dr. Rubin from all of Israel and overseas, to receive his special brand of professional care.

Dr. Rubin lives in Jerusalem with his wife and children. 

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