Did you know that not only does gum disease cause bad breath but that bad breath actually may cause gum disease? That gum disease, like high blood pressure, is not felt by most people until it's very advanced? That many people are unaware of bad breath and that their friends and family don't know how to tell them?

Did you know that gum disease is not only a disease of the gums but a disease in the gums that may cause various health problems such as premature births, miscarriages, asthma, high blood pressure, and heart attacks, among other health problems? That many, and possibly the majority of diseases of the mouth and body begin on the top-back part of our tongues? That we can now detect gum disease long before it causes serious problems and that treatment today is simpler than ever before, often without surgery?

Did you know that Israel is a world leader in dental lasers and that lasers may offer a revolution in treating and maintaining healthy gums?

Most people are unaware of these major breakthroughs. If we've been doing such a great job preventing gum disease how come we ourselves have had to restore thousands of lost teeth with implants, most due to gum disease? In fact, gum disease is still the number one cause of tooth loss and still far too prevalent. Our mission is to eliminate gum disease and the need for implants! In many if not most cases this is certainly possible, and in ways faster and easier than ever before.

New research has revealed old news, the mouth is the "gateway to the body." A healthy mouth not only insures good oral health and social comfort but may significantly minimize numerous other health problems. Research has revealed that gum disease may precipitate high blood pressure, heart attacks and asthma and that women with gum disease can have seven and a half times more premature births or miscarriages. What often precipitates the above medical problems is a prostaglandin called "PGE2". PGE2, for example, is what normally stimulates the contractions in the 9th month of pregnancy. Too much PGE2 before the 9lh month causes contractions prematurely. This very same PGE2 is released from the gums into the blood stream by gum disease. If this doesn't create concern, what does?!

How does it all start? While bacteria are what cause tooth decay and gum disease it appears that there are "facilitators," without which, the bacteria have difficulty getting into the gums to cause damage. These agents are called VSC's (Volatile Sulfur Compounds). Two of the main VSC's are hydrogen sulfide (known as "rotten egg smell") and methylmercaptan (known as "skunk oil"). Many of us simply produce and accumu¬late too much of these VSC's. The good news is we have the ability today to detect and significantly eliminate these "facilitators" in a very swift and conservative manner. We have an absolutely painless device (a U.S. product, developed in Israel) which one simply breathes into. It tells us how much of these VSC's are in our mouths, and whether or not we're at healthy levels.

We have, for example, devices and tests that can reveal gum disease activity long before it causes irreversible damage. Using a high power microscope attached to a video screen we can together actually see the bacteria in the gums, how active they are and how well the immune system is working to prevent damage and harm. This is an eye-opening experience.

Revolutionary toothpastes and mouthwashes have been developed that neutralize VSC's safely and effectively, usually completely eliminating the bad- breath problem. A time-release microchip for gum treatment (developed in Israel) is now sweeping the world while more advanced chips will hopefully soon be available. This is only one of many new products amongst many others now allowing us to better treat and even regenerate (replace) lost bone and gums.

Most of the VSC's accumulate on the top- back part of the tongue. In India, for example, they've been scraping the backs of their tongues for ages. Our own teachings have taught us "Who is the man who wishes life...guard your tongue from bad..." Interestingly, we always called it bad breath rather than foul breath. It is bad, very bad, socially, dentally and medically!

The above is the tip of the iceberg on some of the fascinating new research developments. The above along with related products and procedures and your participation allow us to achieve a new level of dental, oral, and general health. Even extreme cases can often be controlled today without surgery. Teeth and dental work often involving significant investments to restore to health, can now last a lifetime, more than ever before.

What we once considered healthy and acceptable is no longer an acceptable level of health, as we continue to deepen our understanding of the complexity of the human body. Israel is proud to be on the "cutting edge" of research and modern technology. As in the past, we will continue to share these developments with you so that you may enjoy the benefits of comfort and health.

"If we know what we knew, and we think what we thought, then we do what we did." Progress has more to offer than doing the same thing for 25 years and calling it "experience."

Dr. Stem is an international member of the American Academy of Periodontoiogy (gum health) and the International Academy of Periodontoiogy, as well as the Academy of Laser Dentistry and international Academies of Oral Implantology. If you would like more information on any of these or other dental related areas feel free to call us at 02-6258258.