LLLT- Low Level Laser Therapy - for less pain, faster and better healing

Though actively involved in dental lasers in general and using it extensively in Implantology over the past years, like many others I really overlooked this one a bit. It just didn’t sound believable. Having reviewed the literature thoroughly and putting it to extensive testing, I have to admit - it does work! Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) - often referred to as Biostimulation or Biomodulation - has been documented in the literature for over 30 years, with more then 1000 papers published on the topic. We’re seeing faster wound healing, less pain, less suffering and more rapid pain relief and function. As one researcher reports the results “were better then we had ever expected” [Simunovic, 2, J. Clin Laser Med Surg 14:163-167 1996]. The phenomenon was first presented by N.R. Finsen for which he received the Noble prize in 1903. Practical use actually started in the 1960's, and over 30 years later no harmful side effects have been reported

Many theories exist as to how it works - an increased supply of ATP (the cells “energy currency”) “opening” the blood vessels, increasing blood flow and bringing in oxygen, and stimulation of elements that accelerate cell repair, maturation, and decreasing inflammation (reducing PGE 2 and increasing growth factors). Similar positive effects taking place on nerve cells. This is a partial explanation of a subject beyond the scope of this article.
Be it as it may, this phenomena of faster better healing clearly has many benefits in the field of dentistry, gum care, dental implantology, and more

To list some of our uses and applications: reduction of pain and suffering, as well as faster, better healing of gum treatments. LLLT is used as well for the treatments of head and neck pain syndrome (TMJ-MPD) including muscle stiffness and joint pain. Fascinating has been the finding that bone regeneration has been so positive that in many cases we no longer perform complicated, expensive, surgical bone grafting procedures. Common bone grafts such as “sinus lifting” has dropped in our office by over 90%! In 13 placebo - controlled clinical trials pain was reduced by 70% relative to the placebo control

It is an absolutely painless, non-invasive procedure that can make a world of a difference in the quality of your necessary care, minimizing unnecessary discomforts for you. It is excellent for pulled, strained or injured muscles or joints in general. While treatments take place in the office before, during and after dental procedures, take-home, hand held devices are available for home use to achieve the maximum benefit. Research continues to explore the best uses and applications of LLLT

A “magical” blend of science, health and caring. What’s next?! Who knows - but you’re sure to find out about it right here with us. The most up to date, caring staff anywhere in the world. We’ll continue to be here for you - Be”h. Thank you for allowing us to serve you
Dr. Gedaiiah Mordechai Stern